Someone told me that boiling your strings helps loosing them up or whatever. Is it true??
Ive never heard of it, im guessing its not a good idea though.
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I've only heard that boiling them cleans them. Some bass players do it apparently cause the strings can be so bloody expensive.
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yep I did that to my bass strings i guess you can to it to guitar strings but its prbbly better to buy new guitar strings. I only did it to my bass strings because they were 10 years old and full of grime. but they didnt really sound better they just looked shineier...
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I read a guitar book where they interviewed EVH and he said that he boils his strings........but i've never tried it so......
I read somewhere that EVH developed his so called "brown sound" pickup by accidentally dropping his hand wound humbucker into some soy sauce when he ordered out for chinese food. lol, imo its all bull****.
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well maybe that would stretch the strings so that when you put them on your guitar you dont really need to stretch them any more which would make sense for EVH since he did have a floyd rose guitar
does it really help the string that much?
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