In your opinion who is the "Metallica" of today in the metal world. Now by "Metallica" I don't mean who was awesome then sold out, I mean who is the best now.

Nah....I don't know.

A real metal band as big as Metallica?

There isn't one really, it's all poserXcore.
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Well...as Metallica were one of the fore-runners of Thrash Metal...I don't see any band that I know (being the key part) at the moment being as significant or as key in the development of metal at the moment.

That said if anyone knows some then I'll check them out and maybe my opinion will change.
Well Metallica brought an all new kind of music into the scene and pushed the underground music of America into the public eye, right now I would say there is no Metallica of today..

The problem with this question is that the band to fill this section won't sound anything even close to Metallica.. Its like asking who the next Nirvana will be... you're not asking what band sounds and acts like Nirvana, its what they did to music in the time..

The next Metallica will be a band in a musical genre that most of us probably won't appreciate, but they will change the musical scene forever, could be a techno-pop band or a musician that brings classical music into "hipness" again
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Whoever sucks, I guess? Metallica are one of the most overrated bands ever.
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I'll probabbly get flamed for saying this but wtf! I think Trivium is today's Mettalica, they are pretty good, not Mettalica good yet. They have the potentail to be that good I think, plus they have only put out 2 albums.
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EDIT: In all seriousness, the closest to what you're asking would be Opeth. Everybody and their grandmother are listening to them.
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there isn't some thing like that. the popularity \MetallicA/ had will not be reached in near future. okay it has been reached by %^$&%&($*$ "artist" like robby wiliazm and daygreen (im sorry i cant even pronounce those things anymore) but not by any good true metal band it will be reached... sorry
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Today's Metallica would have to make a new and undeveloped genre more famous.
I don't see that coming at the moment.
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Nah....I don't know.

A real metal band as big as Metallica?

There isn't one really, it's all poserXcore.

There was a magazine article saying that, i think......
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avenged sevenfold is the new metallica
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avenged sevenfold is the new metallica

Oh no you didn't.

There's no band around (that I know of) that is showing as much influence on music as Metallica did. Too bad, though.

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Guitar Player thinks Trivium is the Metallica of today.

But if you think of Metallica as the metal band that EVERYONE likes, then the only other band like that right is probably Opeth.

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I seem to recall reading that people hated Metallica when they first came out with their first two albums. It was in guitar one or guitar world or something (It had Kirk hammett on the cover and disposable heroes was the featured tab).

I dunno, I think (puts up flaming shield) that trivium do have the potential to become as big as Metallica. Their first album was horrible but showed little bits of potential in a few places. Ascendancy was better than that (maintains flamage shield). I think they would be fine if they didn't do all this Kerrang media coverage gayness.

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CoB is the new Metallica. Think about it, they started out good and turned ****ty, and then sold out
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Guitar Player thinks Trivium is the Metallica of today.

Trivium thinks Trivium is the Metallica of today.

I actually like them (*closes eyes and waits for flaming*) but I don't think they're that good. Nearly every interview I've read with them has something about how they're the next Metallica, and in terms of popularity maybe, but in terms of artistic value and "pushing the boundaries", in my opinion (talking about before Metallica "sold out" btw^^) we're not going to get something like that in the Metal genre for a while.
mainstream metalcore.....

I still think metalcore is thrash with hardcore vocals......
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I don't think there will ever be another band as big as metallica.
A metallica of another genre, as someone fringing a not-widely listened to genre into the musical mainstream, i think Los Lonely Boys are doing a great thing.
But in the metal scene, i don't think anyone will ever be like Metallica.
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