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First Act, isn't that the company that makes the Wal-Mart guitars? That's sweet.....

yea.. they make those sh**ty ones that are sold at wal-mart haha

they also have a custom shop that makes stuff that is way better then their other stuff.
it aint a first act, i went to two of there shows in chicago and clearly seen what bass it wass, it was a gibson
Hes got the first act basses and he also uses Gibson Thunderbirds. Saw em 4 times this year
yeah, he doesnt use the first act live though, he only uses gibson live
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ryan(bassist of ava) got a bass custom made for him by a company called first act,

you could even look it up


same thing but a different finish

thats got to be one of the ugliest basses ive ever seen.
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that'd be kind of appealing (something about the overdrive specific humbucker and the switch on/off ability of the pickups appeals to me) if the body wasn't some sort of retarded form of jaguar.
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yeah, he doesnt use the first act live though, he only uses gibson live

....he does use them live. "seen them 4 times this year" and all that, and he had two of them a Tbird and some other bass but i couldnt tell what it was
Whats with Tom Delonge always having great drummers and boring bassists?
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