i bought a squier P-bass for £100, i thought it was great at first but since visting other music shops and playin other squier p-bass's mine doesn't sound that good, others have a really nice bassy sound where as mine doesn't, i think there is a problem with the bridge, is it easy to repair myself or get someone to do it for me?
its hard to say since we are not actually looking at your bass but the thing is squires are usually crap anyway so if one thing gets fixed something else may break. before yuo g odoing unnecessary repairs though try changing the strings to whatever they had on the basses in their store. also it may just be your amp, since you are probly using a different amp it will get a different sound
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i have the same bass, it's a good beginner bass, if it sounds wrong tell the guy u bought it from. but try 94hours tips first