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hey what are some good songs by Joe Satriani? im trying to get into his music a little more... ive heard: surfing with the alien, midnight, satchboogie, and lights in heaven. but thats it... anyone know any better ones?
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Flying in a Blue Dream
Summer Song
Is There Love In Space?
Just Look Up
Belly Dancer
All Alone
Up In Flames
It's So Good
Redshift Riders
A Cool New Way
A Love Eternal
Crowd Chant
Always with You, Always with Me
Lords of Karma
The Extremist

Those are my fav's. But with any Satch album you really cant miss. Surfin w/ the Alien, The Extremist, Crystal Planet, and Super Collosal are all exceptional albums.
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Check out some of the G3 stuff hes done.
theres some real cool jam songs on those cds
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Chords of life is pretty cool.
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i like starry night
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big bad moon = blues on steroids

i like
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Day at the Beach (New rays from an Ancient Sun)
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