so i got a strat...play alot of clean, but can use my boss 0s-2 for disrortion when i want to...questoin is what type of music really is a tele about....what are they good with (music genre)....ive read about them people say they're awesome, but what it is about them?
i think teles are good for blues and rock blues (hendrix stuff) they have a sweet clean, rich and slightly"twangy" sound.
teles are good for bluesy stuff..... or classic rock
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Tele's have a very different sound. They have more 'bite', and often produce a distinctive Twangy tone. They're the best for country, and do classic rock very well with a bit of drive.

The 72 deluxe tele (the one with buckers) is becoming popular again. It has a very brit-rock sort of tone...it's hard to describe, but you get what I mean. It's actually quite versatile.
Teles can be used for anything really, but they're mainly used for classic rock, rock, blues and so on.

They're twangier than Strats, and they feel different.
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