Well I thought I'd just say bye for two months apart from maybe the occasional post. I know it sounds stupid, but you nutters on UG have been the only thing enjoyable for much of the past few months.

I'm on holiday for July and August. See you all.
uh... good bye?
Originally posted by XMetallica73X
i would love iran compared to this place trust me, they dont lie to you

good bye dude, dont really know u but enjoy ur hols!! and dont worry things will brighten up for u!
Uh i dont think anyone knew you.

Bye anyways!

This is what you get.
This is what you get.
This what you get when you mess with us.
Peace out holmes.

I'll be going to Hawaii towards the end of July. I'll have my laptop with me, so I'll try to find a wifi hotspot and get on here.
See ya.

I'm in Mexico, but I have my dad's laptop, and have access to the internet. I am lucky.

And I know who you are, in a sense. I find all the non-regulars on here kind of annoying. but eh.