Its an intro and a verse that I came up with yesterday. its just guitar so far. I'm just looking for some constructive criticism. Thanks. and I'll listen to any of your guys' recordings.

Link is in my sig. its the one near the bottom called 'Intro + Verse.
I like the intro, the riff sounds real cool mate. Kudos.

After 52 seconds the song dies. THe verse is not cool. Maybe it will sound better with lyrics and some other fills to fill up those empty pauses...

hi, i definately like the intro riff (not keen on the ending note though)

excellent tone and use of multi tracking!

the prolonged powerchords lack substance however

overall, good riffage! you need to put them together and form them into a full song i reckon, give it some backing and organisation and you got yourself an enjoyable song here!

ive just posted my song up here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=385757

yeah, I thought the verse was a little lacking...but I was thinking it would sound better with some lyrics over it. not sure yet though. thanks for the crits guys.