So yeah, before I get any more in depth into scales or modes, I want to find a way to memorize the notes on the fretboard so I don't have to go back and learn them.

Does anyone have a fast and accurate way to do this?

Maybe a site with a nice technique or something?
well, you'll have to memorize the notes on the 6th string...there's no easy way to do this, just to learn the marked frets first, then move on to the odd ones in between...since the first string contains the same exact notes, you already know 1/3 of the notes on the neck...once you know this, learn the interval patterns that yield the same note on different strings...for example, take a power chord shape...the last note is the octave, so you know that you must move two strings down and two frets over to reach the same note...there are patterns like this for each string, so learn them, and you'll know the notes in no time...it may also help to memorize the notes on the 5th string as well because there are octave patterns from there as well
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I don't have them memorized, per say, but I know the steps of the major scale and stuff, so I can just count the frets to find whatever note I want. So when someone says "play A" I can just play 5th fret 1st string or whatever.
That trainer would be great if it had a timer. I want to get the notes down so good that when I see a fret board, it looks like a list of notes to me.

I'm a very fast visual and auditory learner, just wanted to see if anyone had some useful tools.

you could use a metronome and try to figure out the note before each beat.

edit: like THIS
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I dont think there is an easy way to learn them, (im having the same problem )

You can either learn them string by string or (I prefer) learning all the A's, then all the B's and so on.
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Seriously, I ahve been trying to learn the notes, it takes time. It took me 2 minutes to learn the notes of the fingerboard of the cello, but 6 months and still no juice for guitar, because if i know the notes, i think i can improvise pretty well.