Okay I haven't posted anything in a long time so I'm posting a song that I litterally just wrote for my band still needs to be approved though. But I'm bored and I want to know what people's thoughts are on it so I'm posting it If possible give me song title Ideas. Thx

If being Crazy is a Sin
Then I guess we're just all
Damned to hell

Listening to Voices Screaming
Listening to people not believing
But what they don't know is
they are all just like me
Killing you, Lying to you,
Keeping from you whhat they are

If being Crazy is a sin
then I guess we're just all
Damned to hell

Hearing about fighting
hearing about crying
But what you don't know is
you are just like me

You yell and you scream
You see things no one else sees
And there are voices in your head
Whispering strange things to you

You're just like me
You fail to see
That you're just like me
The cards are laid on the table
And your just as unstable
Because you're just like me

If being crazy is a sin
then I guess we're all just damned to hell

We're all damned to hell
But you're unable to tell
Your sanity is shot, it's dead and buried
Welcome to Asylum
Where soon you'll be squaking
Who's Crazy Now?

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Ello Peoples