which modes are good for thrash solos? i've been using simple minor chord progressions (with some fancy licks thrown in) for my songs, but minor scales don't sound right when it comes to the solos. i tried figuring out what other bands like Slayer use, but i couldn't figure it out. i'm not even sure they use modes. i think they might just be playing random notes really fast. can anybody help me out?
Slayer = Minor Pentatonic + Chromatic scale
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actually slayer pretty much uses chromatics mixed in with minor type outlines.... check out some of their tabs and you'll see what i'm talking about, for example e minor with an added F and A# which makes it E,F,F#,G,A,A#,B,C,D (and if you like the bluesy touch D# as well) check out and read up on some solos you like and see how they're constructed, personally i like to use various modes together to highlight certain chords and give the effect of chromaticism although its really just constantly changing scales.
Well it depends on the type of thrash you're talking about, if its early metallica type thing its mostly minor pentatonic and aeolian mode with bits of phrygian and locrian thrown in, slayer tends to be minor pentatonic with some chromatics, megadeth uses loads of weird **** as marty loves his hirajoshi scale and lots of other weird exotic scales, testament uses a lot of egyptian and arabic ideas or atleast the stuff with skolnick does. I could go on forever as each thrash band tends to have its own unique stuff so just play around its pretty easy as thrash uses a lot of pedal tones and droning on an open E (mmmm chug) so you can get away with pretty much anything (read up on pitch axis theory for more info). But as a general rule for thrash minor pentatonic aeolian, phrygian, locrian, harmonic minor, phrygian dominant, diminished, chromatic and any middle eastern or exotic stuff like the hungarian or double harmonic minor sounds cool. as i said its all personal preferance so mess around and see what you like.
just try working with the Phrygian mode for a while,
if you are playing in Em try using the BPhrygian, thats Key of G which sunds nice,
mess with runs like:

Or EPhrygian which is key of C, the F note in the EPhrygian can add to some nice textures and dissonance if you use it well.