Just starting to redo my vintage guitar I have, since everything on it was pretty much ruined. (Electronics all broken, chips and crap in the paint, etc.) So I'm going to be repainting it, and I'm wondering what way I go about sanding it. What grain is usually the best to start with?

Here is a crappy pic. It is now stripped to the body and everything, but I don't have a camera available right now.

Also, any tips on paint?
sand it going from the bridge to the neck pocket. For paint i'd finish it with nitro, reranch sells it in cans.

To be honest that guitar looks cool. I'd just fix the electronics and leave it.
but to actually answer your question id start with a fairly corse 120 maby 150 then once the paints off use a good 220 or 250 and keep moving up by 50 or 100 to about 600-800, but make sure you go with the grain and get some sanding blocks so you dont have to worry as much about puting dips in the wood, oh and id say definatly finish it in nitrocellulose but be carefull because the stuffs pretty volitile.
Man that looks awesome as it is! Just change the pups, and turners maybe. Dints are an added feature IMO
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