Hi all!

I have been playing for close to a year now and think i should be able to play A LOT better than i can at this point.

I can play simple riffs like the intro to Crazy Train by Ozzy, and Sweet Dreams by Marily Manson.

Other than that I am having a difficult time hitting any type of chords at a decent speed. I can do the very beggining solo to Fade To Black by Metallica.

I need some tips for finger exercises, what chords i should learn and if i should learn the chords at all.

Of course i anyone can do a powerchord :P

Also i would love to know some finger exersise technique for my pinky as i am a computer player too and HARDLY use my pinky and it is fairly weak. It is short too so i have to bring the end of my hand in to use my pinky on the top string (6th/biggest?) string?

I cannot afford a personal teacher as they all want $40per lesson for 1hour and i have to pay for no less than two lessons in advance.

Any suggestions, links, etc would be HIGHLY appreciated. I want to learn how to play Ozzy, Metallica, Megadeth, Etc. And mabey some death metal.

Thank you for your suggestions.
Well, for your finger strength needs, chromatics are always a good thing to practice. Play some scales ascending and descending (Who says you can't learn theory and practice and the same time? )

Learn the notes on the fretboard and when you said "...pinky on the top string (6th/biggest?) string?"...yes that is the 6th string, which is the Low E string. This is usually referred to as the bottom string--the high E string (the thinnest one) is known and the top string.

Good luck!