The guy who installed my new pickup in my guitar told me that he had to cut the nut aswell because I gave him heavier gauge strings,.... I usually just went with regular slinkies but I wanted to try something new and get the Heavy bottom/skinny top strings.

So my question is,... will my guitar be fine if I go back to using smaller gauge strings since the nut was cut to fit bigger ones? I'm not really sure how that works.

Should it be ok if I go back to regular slinkies?
if u shave the cuts in the nut a little to help the thicker string fit, then when u go back to the thinner string, there's a good chance it will rattle in that bigger cut.

yes, that can cause a buzzing noise.

to shave the nut, u would just pass over the cut a few times with a toothpick wrapped in light sand paper.

u widen the cut being careful to follow the upward slope of the cut.

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Yeah, it can cause buzzing.
CAN, not WILL.
If it's not extremely big, it should be fine.
But, nut's arent that expensive to replace.
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This sort of thing bugs me. . .

Maybe someday we'll all be able to go from .9s to .14s without having to shave our nuts. . .
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