How would I go about lowering the action on my Epiphone G-400? I'm a little tight on money, so I would like to do it myself to save some money. My guess was just tighten the 2 screws on the bridge, right by the bridge pickup? Help would be great thanks
You can lower the action on your guitar by tightening the trussrod and lowering the bridge. Be carefull about the trussrod though if you turn it way to tight it might damage your guitar.
Where exactly would the truss rod be? I'm bad with guitar part names. I'll probobly just go to a guitar store and ask them how, but not give it to them.
inside the neck
you know the little pannel at the top on the head stock
yea take it off
and there you go
stick a wrech in there
and tighten it

righty tighty
lefty loosey
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Then once you get it tightened (but not too much) then comes the part that ull learn how to do better with time...

Then just turn the knobs on the sides of the saddle (the parts your strings go over) to lower that thing, which will bring the strings down lower to the fretboard. Re-tune it, then test it out, see if its too low or too high.
holy crap. dont mess with the truss rod.

its the two screws on the bridge. hang on for pic...

u loosen the top screw on each side, then the thumbwheel, pointed to by red arrow, can turn. this will raise and lower the bridge.

u never go straight to truss rod. thats something that needs to be measured, then moved in small amounts over a long period of time.

phil's pic.

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thanks dude, that helps. I knew there was an easier way then messing with the truss rod.
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jj1565 is a chick. and omg how many people are recommending to mess with the truss rod cmon seriously thats only if you have bow