Is the Line 6 guitar port worth picking up? I've been looking into it lately. I know it's not made for live playing but I'm just going to use it to practice in my room with. Does anyone here on UG have any experience with it?
I have the Toneport UX2. Similar to it. I love my toneport. However I also shelled out several hundred to get a decent set of monitors hooked up to it.
its pretty good, but not the greatest. great for practice and messing around with, whihc is what its meant for. recording with it is pretty good. overall, its great if for casual use, but isnt meant for anythign more than that
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Yeah man i bought the guitarport rifftracker the other day. THe Guitarport itself is a great tool once you figure out how to work the tones. It's a great think to fool around with cuz u can get some killer sounds. It really opened me up creatively. As far as the riffworks thing goes, you can record any ideas you come up with easily.
Okay, thanks for your inputs. I'm more of a casual player so I'm pretty sure this would suit my needs, all I need now is $100
I have the GuitarPort and it's probably the best recording tool that you could get for $100. The software is pretty good and the tones are good for recording, and fit right into any mix with a little tweaking. And don't bother subscribing to the online service, it has some pretty good tones, backing tracks and exercises, but nothing you can't find elsewhere. Not really worth the money IMO.
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i have a guitar port (+rifftracker) and its really awesome. Ive got some cheap speakers and the sound is still amazing. It helps your creativity when you have a great tone, and its very fun to practise songs when you can get the right tone too.

i use the guitar port to practise in my room, but now i need an amp and all so i can do the same effects with my band.

hehe this is a must buy!
I have GuitarPort. Its worth the 100$. You will probably play through that without your amp for a while and then you will go back to your amp and be like, "wow, my amp sounds way better than that thing". But its very fun and cool for a while. Its good for recording too though.
Guitar Port was the best $100 I ever spent on guitar gear. No ****. Great practice / recording tool.

If you want samples, check here:


Everything recorded in 2005 was done with the GP.
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Spend some more money and get a whole lot more product and get the M-Audio Black Box
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Spend some more money and get a whole lot more product and get the M-Audio Black Box

Yea I recommend that too. More features, better features, and portable.
Definitely go for a Toneport instead of a Guitarport.

I have both, and the Toneport is much more useful .

More effects, vocal models, bass models, and other fun stuff.
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