Well, I am a huge Dimebag fan. He is probably my biggest inspiration and I love the look of the ML's he plays. However, there are so many different models that I dont know what to save up for. Are they worth getting? Iwas thinking of either:

A Dean Razorback Two-Tone
A Washburn off eBay.

What would be best? I'm assuming Washburn but they are hard to get. I have a Vox AD15VT so amp is no problem. Thanks alot!
****ing dean site had to play music while i was listening to buckethead. the FBD has a flamed maple top which the razorback doesnt but the razorback has the dimebucker which the FBD doesnt have but seriously there are to many things to compare and i really hate the dean website so really you gotta find one that your going to be using more. and as far as buying guitars of ebay careful cause the seller may some hidden damage on the guitar so ask for as many photos as possible of places where they havent taken photos
the FBD does have a dimebucker. U sure ur not talking about sum other model?
The Dimebucker isn't much to shout about IMO, very muddy. I've never liked the Dean ML's and have played a Washburn and must say, preferred it, nicer feel to it more than anything. And this is coming from a Dean player too :P
Yeah, I would swap the Dimebucker for a Bill Lawrence, although it is hard to get a "real" in the U.K
Ah, your in the UK. I'd go for the Dean, purely because Washburn ML's are hard to get hold of over here, unless your prepared to pay the millions of pounds for customs! I think the Dean would be just better value for money other than anything else, yes Washburns are nicer, but not so nice that they're worth the extra money. If you can find a Washburn over here though, get that!
None of the Dime sigs are too impressive, if Dimebag hadn't have died, and dean still put out the same guitars, they would go for half of what they do now.
DUDE!!! Look at boogie street guitars. They have an AWESOME Washburn mL guitar there. Matter of fact, they seem to keep coming out with good quality mL shaped guitars every now and then, just without Dime's signature on the headstock.

I heard the razorbacks werent extremely good, i would get an old Dean, and customize it.
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the FBD does have a dimebucker. U sure ur not talking about sum other model?

yeh thats my fault didnt pay enough concentration