I'm a beginner to guitar (6-7 months) and i was looking at the Randall MicroCube for my next amp, i've heard good things but i was just wondering if anyone has one and would like to review it or tell me anything good or bad about it. THANKS!
dude wait at least another six months before you buy new ****.
it is so unnesesary
They're OK, but it might be a bit small when you graduated on to larger things than your bedroom. The larger Cubes might be worth a look, as well as the Vox Valvetronix if you're into modeling and stuff.
I f you want a micro cube maybe you could consider one of the 5 watt vox amps. Similar size as the roland but more effects.

However you could consider what Cokeisbetter said.
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Yeah I would go straight to a 30 or 60. Chances are you if you buy the Microcube (as much as i freaking love that little guy) youll want something bigger and better soon after.
My first amp. It has really good sound and pretty loud for it's size. But one problem. Maybe this isn't for all of them, but the line out/microphone output is horrible. It just turns your distortion into a jumbled mess. But...if you mike it, it's not a bad amp. I would still wait, and buy something bigger.
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what amp are u using now? what music do u play?

if u can afford it, upgrade to the cube30.
cubes are great high gain amps. very durable with several usable effects.

the cube is a GREAT first amp.
usually, by the time u are ready for a 2nd amp. ull want to spend more than $125.

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i had the micro cube for my second amp...turn it past 6 it starts to go (as most SS amps)..id go with the Roland Cube 60...just to have the extra power when needed. i was in the same position as you are.
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Right now i have a Dean Markley K-15X, its pure rubbish, my dad got it for 40$ just so i had something when i began playing. Everything on it is pure horrible, the distortion is probably the worst i've ever heard. I Play anything and everything for music.

Thank you all so far who have been trying to help me!!