The thunderbird (t-bird) is actually a decent bass from Gibson, and has its own following, but its not what I would call a "practical bass." In otherwords, the pups are nice and heavy, but don't scream versatility, also the body design/weight, and the neck dive hamper its comfort and playability. It's also overpriced (both the Gibbo and Epi variants). This is the kind of bass you indulge in after having a couple seasons worth of experience under your belt really.

The EB-0 and EB-3 basses (the "SG basses") however are mediocre at best, and plain crap at worst.

IE, buy a fender or Ibanez if its going to be your first.
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An EB-0 is similar to a piece of crappy wood with a few cables on it.
The EB series were just 1960s jumping on the bandwagon Basses, the only really decent Bass Guitar in the 60s had Fender on the headstock the rest were quite mediocre by todays standards, one exceptions believe it or not were top end Burns Basses.
EBs were crap the and they are crap now, which makes Jack Bruce (Cream) and Andy Fraser (Free) even more Godlike.
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