I just purchased speed machanics for lead guitar

and on the very first exercise it has a hammeron and pull off exercise

im having trouble on the pull offs..like it fades away by the time i get to the last pull off

i know i have to pull off and pretty much pull off my finger and kinda pluck the string at the same time but is there any tips to remember when doing pull offs that yall could give me?
and when i do it right or if i think i do it sill fades away...what am i doing wrong?
are you applying enough pressure? the sustain will be crap if ur not... also what are u playing? it may be related to your instrument model....?
I have that book - it's what i use to learn from, and when i first got it i wondered why pull-offs and hammers where at the front, and then i realised later that it's because it develop your finger strength so well. I have a feeling you be doing what i was doing, and that is not having the finger anchored than you are pulling ONTO. so, say you are pulling b - a you need your first finger anchored on the a, so when you pull of it sounds that note. If you are trying to pull-off and then hammer on the next note you are dampening the note. try just doing the b - a pull off until you get it a bit better. Remember you kind of have to pull off and downwards slightly..

Keep at it, it will come. I spent about 3 months on the first page of that damn book. it's amazing..
yes, the problem that most people have is that they're anchored finger isn't firmly on the fret they are pulling off, thus resulting in a dampened pull-off...also, make sure to pull the string down away from the fretboard like you are plucking it...as long as your finger is anchored, it should come out clean...as for hammer-ons, make sure your hand and finger position allows you to utilize the pad of your finger as the spot that will hit the string...with enough force it should come out clean as well
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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^Yeah, great book.

You need to slow things down. I know exactly what you are doing... you are trying this all too fast. You have to slow DOWN.

Like, so slow that it is mentally painful to do it. It should really be a mind-worker to think about EVERY little detail. At first, just make sure you're doing the basics... go SLOW. 1 note every 2-3 seconds, and I'm being serious. After a couple weeks (no joke, again), start concentrating on things like what your ring finger does when you fret with your index finger, or how your pinky bends when you pull off from the ring to the middle. It's all really random habits our hands have, but constant practice can work these things out.

I for one had a HUGE problem with my pinky... it would just fly and bend and curl all over the place when I was doing things that seemed unrelated to movement in the pinky finger. So I sat down with that book, chose 3 or 4 exercises, and did them SLOW. Like SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW. It seriously was really ****ing annoying to concentrate on what my pinky was doing and stopping myself from doing it. After a couple days, I could operate my pinky independently to a much higher degree, and it didn't fly all over the place.

BUT, after you've done it slow for a while, you CANNOT just speed up back to normal. Your hands can't do what they've been dtaught to do only at slow slow slow speeds. You gotta work up in speed ever so slowly, concentrating on the same things... trust me, the same problems that you had at say 1 note per 3 seconds and taught yourself to quit doing WILL reappear at 2 notes per 3 seconds. So work it out again.

I find that if you TRULY stick to this book, you'll become a great technical guitarist. If you want to shred or play heavy metal stuff, you gotta stick with it. For a blues and rock 'n' roll guy like me, just the first few pages are worth the price of the book. I don't ever plan on completing it EVER. I just bought it for the new exercises to focus on certain problems that I have.

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