I just got a schecter C-1 classic. I pretty much got it for $280US with a harshell case. The action and intonation is all pretty good. The only major problem is there is a ding on the back side near where you elbow would be while you are playing. This is sort of a crappy picture but it gives oyu an idea of the damage.

So I have the choice to sell this and pretty much buy a C-1 Plus without the ding and with no hardshell case. Should I just live with the ding and then just add strap locks and get it a cleaning and set up? Other than the ding there is really no problem with it. Everything is fine except the pickups look a little worn. Is the Plus just as good or not worth it. I would basically be losing a hardcase and I guess stepping down a level on the guitar.
The classic is much better than the plus due to the Seymour Duncans. I believe the plus has Duncan Designed which aren't as good.

Live with the dent it adds character and personality.
Personally I'd keep it and fix it up. I have the C-1 plus and I wish I would have gotten the classic. It's just so much prettier. The c-1's pickups are kind of weak. I like the classic better. The ding doesn't really make that much of a difference. Just stick with it unless it really bothers you. See how much itd cost to fix it. (I know it'll be expensive but doesn't hurt to see).

Ya, I think that I am just going to save money up and replace the pickup covers and use some scratch-x on it. and then maybe some new pots or something. I really love the look, but I don't like the ding much.