I'm searching a nice effect processor that doesn't costs too much
~200 euro ( =255 usd)
can someone advice me
thx in advance
the boss me-50 maybe? i know i love and trust the boss pedals. or maybe a digitech, one of the smaller ones
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zoom g2.1u
lots of great sounds
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if your set on multi fx pedals i would suggest boss. i owned a digitech and it sucked. imo multi fx are crap they lag too much. but i would suggest boss if you want multis
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i had a boss me-50 and i hated it....even though its a boss...i thought "oh boy...dozens of effects for the price of two single pedals, wow!"

its crap.
trust me.
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Don't buy multi effects. They're all crap. Yes, you have tons of effects but usually they all suck. Try to save some money and buy good analogic pedals. With digital stuff you are always out of date.
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