How long were you playing before you could tab out songs on your own just by listening to it. I've been playing for a year and I'm having trouble
I've been playing almost 2 years, and if i listen to it for awhile and experiment, i can get it with pretty good accuracy.
I can't believe people who can automatically tab songs perfectly, it's amazing.
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After about a year and a half of guitar I could tab out songs...But before that I had already played about 2years of piano.
im sayin ive been playin 8 years in dec and i STILL cant PERFECTLY tab out songs probably but then again ive never tried and i prob never will id rather jam out to a song and create my own version of it rather than try and copy someone elses note for note cause youre never gona get it perfect that way cause you'll never be able to play EXACTLY like jimi hendrix or SRV or john frusciante so just try to come up with your own way to play something
I think it all depends on how well ur ears r trained. I've been playin for about two years and i can't tab well but i can make out basic chord progressions in songs and maybe a little bit of solos. I think if u do more ear training exercises you'll be better at tabbing. Some people just have this ability naturally though and thats y their better.
Really a lot of it is theory. If you know what scale/mode/chords the guitarist is using, it can help alot. For example, Jimmy Page's riffs are oftentimes in A blues. Just look at Heartbreaker or The Ocean. So, just noodle around on the right scale and bam! you've got the right riff.
it all depends
for me, im getting to the point were i can tab pretty closely
It requires a few things
Amount of songs youve learned, cause this will give you an idea what the guitarist is doing
Theory helps, or just knowing your basic keys, and chords, cause then youll be able to get an idea of what notes there using and chords
Practicing using your ear then checkng a good tab to see your accuracy will let you know if your on the right track
Also when you get into more advanced songs, it helps to know more advanced things, for example when tabbing out some complex chords and you only know your majors and minors its going to take alot of guessing what the exact chord is
so ill i can say is practice at it
Been playing almost a year. The only thing I've ever tried to tab was the first solo in Sweet Home Alabama. I almost made it, but I couldn't.

about 6 months. It's not hard when you develop relative pitch.
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it depends your background in music
i never liked music classes and never was in the band or anything through elementary and junior high, i wish i would have
but yeah i came into guitar without knowing any notes, scales, anything
and im no where close to tabbing anything really yet after a year

but my guitar teacher has been playing for 16 years and achually likes cool music so i can bring in a cd of my friends highschool band and he can make me a tab for it instantly