I am looking to upgrade my pickups. I want the same on my six and seven string so I dont have to change my amp setting for different guitars. Are the 707 and 81 the way to go?
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I don't know anything about the 707, other than it's a 7-string guitar pickup. If the 707 is the matching model to the 81, then this would be a good choice of pickups.

I own a few 81s in different guitars, and they offer an extremely high amount of gain that is surprisingly controlled. I have no complaints whatsoever with 'em.

So good luck!
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ya if your putting the 81 in your 6 strings the 707 is perfect for the 7 strings
it is the 7 string model of the 81 however i dont believe they make a 7 string model for any of the other pick ups unfortunatly
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