What pedal/s would be requisite for their tone? I understand they have a ****load of albums, or atleast eras, so for a specific song, Amor E Morte, Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids (kinda), Guilded ****, and especially Born in a Burial Gown.

I've already gotten my next amp decided on (B-52 AT-212) and I'm now deciding on how to spend my Spider II warranty money on pedals. I know I'm getting a Dunlop 525Q wah, and a TS-808 Reissue. The B-52 has it's own indigenous OD channel that kicks serious (Metallica) ass, but it's still a bit weak for what I want to be able to do. I've heard the TS might OD it up enough when it's already dirty, but wouldn't a ZW-44 or a MT-2 make it kick more naturally metal ass? Basically I want a distortion/metal OD pedal. Yep. So far everyones been helpful with all this. Thanks.

Oh, might I add I discovered Cradle of Filth a few days ago. I've been listening to them for about 8 hours straight. They're incredibly awesome. I never would have considered that genre of music...
Cradle of Filth is extremely overrated. I discovered a band a couple weeks ago called Abigail Williams. They sound like Cradle of Filth but their singer is 10 times better. Job for a Cowboy, Elysia, and Waking the Cadaver are all good deathcore bands that blow Cradle of Filth out of the water. You'd probably like the Bleeding Through album "This Is Love, This Is Murderous" because I did when I was still listening to COF. I'm not saying you'll definitly like these bands, but you should if you like Cradle of Filth. Sadly I can't help you with the tone, I'd suggest a good distortion for death and black metal.
^He didn't ask for your opinion on what you thought of COF. Don't like them, don't have advice to give him? Don't reply.

As for a really death metal tone, I'd go with a MT-2 (Boss). I have it and the thing definetely isn't suited for light rock, it's a fukin death metal pedal lol.
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boss sd-1
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adam: if anything, i'd go with just an od. maxon OD9 or boss SD-1 would be perfect. the mt-2 is a little harsh and thing sounding, imo. i had one till it exploded.

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consider anything derek suggests, He IS a gain VVhore you know
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damage control demonizer
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Awesome. The Demonizer sounds good enough to want, but for now I think I'll go for a TS-808 and a 525Q, and beg extra money for a ZW-44 for the metal sounds. The ZW-44 is basically a souped up SD-1, from what I understand, Zakk wanted more balls to his SD-1, and thus the ZW-44 OD pedal was born. Sex!
I'm not really sure what kind of sounds the B-52 AT-212 amp can produce but by your general description I'm guessing it's a pretty high gain amp. And you're talking about boosting the gain on the amp with two overdrive pedals? You might just end up a noisy, gainy mess.

Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
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It's not that high gain an amp. It can produce some Metallica-lite stuff. Pretty damn gainy, but not quite Pantera. It has a great clean, and SRV sound which is why I want it. I don't think I'd run both pedals at once. I figured the Tubescreamer would fit SRV, while some metal oriented OD/distortion pedal would be required for BLS/Pantera/heavier Metallica/Crade of Filth. Yup.