i recently put on a hardtail bridge conversion kit on my fat strat. The one found here . It gets rid of the whole trem assembly so there are no springs anymore so my trem claw (where the ground wire is soldered to) isnt attached to the bridge anymore. Now my question is should it be tight up against anything metal? I have been getting a weird humming from my guitar when its in the bridge pickup only postion, which is a humbucker. It was there before i did the conversion but its been worse since. The humming isnt so bad when i put it on the middle and bridge pickups but its still there and anytime i touch anything metal on the guitar besides the bridge it isnt as bad. Im thinking because that ground wire isnt attached to the bridge anymore, and therefore not attached to the strings, im not constantly grounding it with my hand and getting rid of the hum? is that the way its supposed to work?
make a tunnel from under the bridge into the control cavity, and run the ground through it so the bridge makes contact with it

edit: if you can, try and solder it onto the back of the bridge there. you might need to sand some of the finish off though (i think)
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The strings and bridge need to be grounded.

Take the wire that was attached to the claw and attach it to your bridge instead.
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good job, i despise my tremolo bridge.
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after attaching that wire to the bridge everything is back to normal again thanks!

that bridge conversion kit is pretty nice and only took like 20 minutes to install. i didnt want to block the trem of my main guitar and i wanted it to be a hardtail so it was the perfect thing for me.
did you have to readjust everything? like the action etc...
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