Hello, UG

I have been playing guitar for three and a half years and i think it is time to get a new guitar. For all the long three and a half years i have had an okay Jay Turser Strat copy. It's not that i dont like the guitar, i want to get a new sound. I want a thicker, warmer sounding sound. It still has to be versatile. I play almost anything ranging from jazz to some metal.

My budget is around 500 US dollars, but i will go as high as 650.

I have a VOX AD30 and a Pedal and i dont really want to buy a New amp untill i can Afford a nice tube amp

I dont want a guitar with a locking Tremelo

Thanks, Schizoid Man
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Hmm, Maybe a Schecter C1 Artist (Coil Tapped) perhaps? Or a Fender Fatstrat (MIM or MIJ models)
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i think an epiphone les paul would fit your needs...

^those too
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Shreds ok, i dont listen to the music though

if your wondering whether the guitar you suggest wont be able to shred, it does not matter
get a jackson dude. they are so good. I have 2. you can get a 640 dollar jackson with shark fin inlays and duncans. thats what i have!
DMKG, Dinky, Warrior, KE-3, Just a few jacksons

Though i really stand by my Schecter C1 Artist suggestion
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It would be wierd to pull out a Jackson V, Warrior or a KE on stage while playing Jazz.

Jackson Pro Series DK2T ($599)

Epiphone Les Paul 1956 Gold Top ($599)

Epiphone Les Paul Custom ($599)

LTD EC-400 ($599)

Ibanez SZ520QM ($529)

Yamaha RG520FZ ($399)

I personally own the Yamaha (The lower version, RG320FZ), almost same but without the figured maple top. It plays like a beauty.
In all acctuallality theres thousands of guitars we could suggest, go out and try some.

I feel that acctually playing them is way better than getting an opinion.
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"Oh baby baby yes yes YES! YES! *pinch harmonic*"
Thanks, im probally going to a guitar center soon. ill try out all those suggestions

nuff said.
dont be mistaken by the brand name... its an amazing guitar (and ive tried ALOT of the higher end guitars out there)

stock it has duncan pickups that are PERFECT for jazz and blues. It is chambered so you get a super thick tone no matter what you play out of. And dont worry, it looks a little more stupid in the picture there than it does in real life. I use it for basically everything.. (random blues stuff, pink floyd, ACDC, megadeth, iron maiden) and it is fantastic for them all.

the only downside is that it weighs the same as a Les Paul and is about the same thickness, so it takes some time to get used to, but i DEFINATLY suggest you try one out.

However, like all the master series squiers, itll be close to your max budget.

EDIT: also, it has the looks for any genre other than death/thrash metal and sorry for the huge pic guys

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I didnt see the Schecter C-1 Artist on thier website.
Is it an only Musiciansfriend.com thing?