Hi, I was going through overdrive pedals when i stumbled upon the Tube Screamer 808 from Ibanez. I had heard from before that overdrive and distortion pedals don't work too well with digital amps. I have the Line6 Spider II digital amp and I was wondering if the Tube Screamer's sound will be affected by the amp, and if so to what degree. And please if any overdrive pedals that work well on digital amps come to mind please suggest....I like to play blues, jazz, and classic rock, with a small amount of hard rock mixed in, and a suggestion based on those sounds will be appreciated.

Thank you very much.
It will sound very small blues tone, but you should buy a new amp before pedals.
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I think this will be better in "Guitar Gear & Accessories" forum :p Here is the link: Guitar Gear & Accessories You can see it in the description : Discuss guitar amps & effects. Also strings, picks, cables, capos and other guitar toys.

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Well, high end solid state/digital amps, yes because they are programmed to act like tube amps, but not your amp.