Ok - I was just goofing around on this one.....this is my interpretation of the song Readymade from the Chili Peppers new CD - Stadium Arcadium.

I love the main riff, but the song is repetitive without lyrics. SOooooo...just for giggles, I made a drum track using Fruity Loops (not very well.... ) and then played around with different patches on the GT-6.

The bass sounds like crap, its actually my guitar using the "ring mod bass" patch - I tweaked it some in Sonar, but am not happy with the sound at all.....oh well

I then added many layers of crappy guitarage on top

At least I had fun......

Bass didn't sound great, but v nice playing.

But.... not enough gain! You need some dirty huge amounts of gain with this song. but nice bridge solos!

But where's the "Oh clean it up now Johnny!" but?
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yeah dude you need a huge gain boost from what you recorded.. some of the layered guitars were too dissonant.. props for the execution though, moderately tough song to play.. no solo!? good stuff though, this is one of my favorite songs off their new album)
actually that's a lie, i like them all
I liked your cover alot actually, despite the odd bass sound and lack of gain on the guitars, I thought your guitar playing was excellent, and you had fun too. So good job
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kind of weird but cool
i like it 8.5/10
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