ok guys i have a vox ad50vt, it sounds pretty sweet and loud as all hell but it says its 50w rms but the thing only consumes 52 watts!! im not sure how they power 2 pre and 2 power sections plus effects moddeling, and an onboard fan with only a 2w loss, could someone explain this to me????
usually means it consumes 50w
i think
so the more watts the amp is
the more wattage it uses foo
energy conserving components?
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The amp itself dissipates 50w.

Effects modeling probably doesn't dissipate much power at all. Neither do fans.
I think you're confusing efficiency with power.
Lets say an amplifier dissipates 50w. But if it only has 80% efficiency, it's costing you 62.5w on your power bill. It still dissipates 50w, not 40w.
ok but this would have a lot higher efficency to only loose 50w in the amplifying process right??