My guitar hums when I have distortion on my amp but if I touch anything metal, the pickgaurd, tone/volume nobs, tremolo bar, nut, strings, or tuners it stops. Is this a problem with the ground wire? That is what one of my friends said.
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I think your friend's right. On an Ibanez I had a long time ago, I had the same problem, and it was the grounding wire.
sounds like it.

there is a gound from the input jack thru the guitar to the bridge. if any of those connections are loose or missing. ull get that type of noise.

on a trem guitar its easy to check if the trem ground is there.

open the back cavity and see if there is a wire soldered to the bar in there.

if it is then insert a (good) guitar cable into the input jack and wiggle it. see if the sound clears up and cuts out.
if it does then it could be the connection at the jack.

if not, ull have to open it up and look for loose wires.

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