I was wondering because i heard some people say greenday songs are easy then others say like led zepplin. im not relly looking for easy songs to play. I just want to see what you guys consider easy.
something that someone could play starting out guitar, like i learned hey joe, i'd consider that an easy song, i learned in the first 2 months of lessons

same with black dog

green day is easy, but at the absolute retard level of easy, it takes nothing to be able to understand it, with the normal level of easy, you have to sit down and think about time signatures, beats, etc.
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Depends on how good you are really. Noobs think that some of the easiest songs are really hard, which is blasphemy Lol. People who really good think Zepplin is easy, but they've probably played the songs like a bajillion times, so who knows.

It all depends on your skill really, so it's hard to say which songs are easy. Obviously, you can tell which songs are easier and which bands are easier to play *cough* greenday *cough* so yeah... lol.
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all bands have songs that are easier than others

all (there may be a few exceptions, i might be wrong) punk/emo/most related genres is pretty easy

on the hardness scale i'd give van halen about 7/10

ACDC 6/10

led zep-all over the charts, some of it is easy, some of its hard

green day (like i said) : -5
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all of nirvana is fairly easy,most AIC is easy too, some of metallica is easy especially the new stuff
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Nirvana's stuff is really easy. I learned 3 songs in 2 days. <<

I wouldn't run after metal songs yet though. Alternative music is easier to play then other stuff... Just giving you an idea where to start.
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Metallica's riffs are pretty easy, Seek and Destroy is probably one of the easiest metal songs (excluding the solo, which took me a while to get and I still screw up a bit) to play. Well...all metallica riffs are fairly simple, if you have the right technique and timing and such, but at the same time, I've seen lots of metallica solos that are fairly or very ard to play. But on a different note, I have yet to meet a pop/punk/emo song that I couldn't play after 10 minutes.
WOLFMOTHER cmon i learned joker and the theif at 1 weekof guitar playing.
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i'm surprised no one mentioned seven nation army by white stripes yet :P ah well, i get to be first there

seven nation army by the white stripes is pretty damn easy
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Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci is pretty easy
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!