It's a pretty decent twelve bar blues song...the stacked fourth chords in theme 1 give it an interesting sound. Theme two is a little too cliche for me...but it works alright in the context of the song. In the solo, on bar 39, i suggest reducing the bend to a whole tone...as a whole tone bend it sounds just as passionate more in tune (bending it a major third brings it up to the major six scale tone, which sounds dissonant in a minor key; that bend would sound better as a consonant note than a dissonant one). Also, bar 44 is an eight note too long.
dude that was cool, blues is not something i play or listen to, but that was really chill
Youtube covers

thanks i am adding a bass, its just taking a while to get it right, ill post it when i get it. ya i did have concerns about that bend,so thanks. i also fixed the bar 44 problem
very nice better than anything ive done before
i think u might be moving the solo a little fast.
a few good notes sounds better than a lot of bad ones
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That's hot
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I love it. It's got the perfect blues feel. That awesome blues shuffle thing that you can sway your body to. Plus it sounds awesome. Very, very bluesy.

Theme 1 is my favorite.
Theme 2, meh. It's okay, not the best.
Solo sounds great. Loving it.

I think you should add another theme before doing the theme 1 again for the ending.
Maybe something on higher frets. I dunno. But I think there should be another theme before the ending.

This sounds great. Give us some more!!!

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I like the solo and Theme 1.
I would like the whole think a lot better if it were slower. Maybe Q=115 or Q=120. It just sounds too rushed.

Other than that, has potential

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not a big fan of teh rhythm, but the solo was pretty good. there jsut didnt seem to be anything to the rhythm to make me want to listen to it

soo much n00bage
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the power tab makes the rhythm sound like its a cd skipping, lol, but i like it, a lot, the it was alittle repetetive for me, but other than that, it was awesome, the solo was really good, and the feel to it was right on, nice song, crit any of mine, there all in my sig, thanks!!