... and boy my left wrist is sore, is it because im just getting started or am I putting too much tension on it?
ya that might be the case just try not to use as much pressure.
Youll get used to it eventually
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Yeah, power chords can get pretty tiresome on the left wrist when you're just starting out. For now, maybe try some stuff with individual notes.
You will get used to the tension in your wrist eventually but make sure your technique is correct and dont overstress yourself at first; it takes time to build up guitar playing stamina.
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It's because you just started.
Don't play for hours at a time, once it starts hurting wuite a bit, take a little break.
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Don't forget, you are working muscles that probably haven't been worked that way before. Be sure to stretch after your forearm get's 'warm'. Simply put your hands together and push slightly, then try to straighten your arms out horizontally with your fingers pointing straight up. This will help stretch those muscles and ease the soreness. Just be sure not to push to hard or bend your wrists back too much.
My first day I played like 4 hours and my wrist really hurt at the end of the day but I didn't want to stop . Only a couple days later my wrist got used to it and didn't hurt at all so don't worry, it's just cause you're starting.
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ive just switched form acoustic to elecric and my fingers hurt like hell, you just have to get used to it dont worry

Thats odd. My friend who plays electric started off playing acoustic and commented on how much easier the electric was to play and how much less pain and stess there was after a long session.