There is this TSH-1. It's nice, I like playing it. It's an older model, it's orange/yellow-ish with the semi-hollow body. It's not in great condition, It's not in terrible condition. It just needs a little fixing up.

My question is, should I buy it for around $400-500? I personally think that's a little much but maybe it isn't. My intentions are to customize it a little, make it look cool and play well. It's a nice guitar and I can definately make it better, I'm just not sure if I'm wasting my money. What would be getting a good deal and what would be paying too much?

Any advice would be appreciated.
hey man you should haggle for 300 and get as close as you can get, if you feel comfortable playing it then you arent wasteing money because if you buy a guitar for 10,000 that was the perfect guitar in every way imagineable but you dont feel good playing it then what is the point? id say go for it.
I think its fine, if u can fix it and u love it, go for it
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