Hi, I was going through overdrive pedals when i stumbled upon the Tube Screamer 808 from Ibanez. I had heard from before that overdrive and distortion pedals don't work too well with digital amps. I have the Line6 Spider II digital amp and I was wondering if the Tube Screamer's sound will be affected by the amp, and if so to what degree. And please if any overdrive pedals that work well on digital amps come to mind please suggest....I like to play blues, jazz, and classic rock, with a small amount of hard rock mixed in, and a suggestion based on those sounds will be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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x2. instead of trying to make that amp into something usable.

go check out some small tube amps.

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boss BD2 pedal. I play basically the same music as you and i like this pedal. try it out, but the 808 its really good too.
Unfortunately I don't think an overdrive pedal will do anything for you. What exactly do you want to use the pedal for? Personally, I use my Tubescreamer as a "clean boost" (turn the gain down low, and the level up high) so that it pushes my tube amp into "breakup". That's basically the same thing that guys like SRV used to do, but it won't work on a digital amp (because digital amps don't distort as you turn the volume up).

In short...if you want to play blues/jazz/classic rock, sell the Line6, and get a nice 15-20watt tube amp, and use an OD pedal with that.
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