On my Ibanez, I get feedback when I am playing with my bridge pickup only. When I switch to the neck pickup, it has no feedback whatsoever. When I play with both pickups, I get a little feedback. I am using lots of distortion/gain. This isn't string feedback, because I mute all the strings and it still does it. If I wiggle the pickup forward or backward or side to side the feedback stops, and if I hold it there, it doesn't do it anymore. Is this becuase of pickup placement or the fact that my body is grounding it out? This is weird and it is chomping my ass. Help.
try lowering it a little that should help if wiggling it helps
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try lowering it a little that should help if wiggling it helps

Already tried, no worky.
if its the one pup, there's a chance its microphonic. (the wax coating in it has been broken or compromised in some way.)

it would need to be re-potted.

if its a stock pup, problably time to swap it out.

there's also a chance a wire has become loose.

so if ur comfortable, u might want to open up the guitar and poke around.

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It could be electronic interference. I had the some problem when i was playing near a tv, so i turned it off and BAM problem solved. It could be that or a cell phone or really anything depending on your amps sensitivity ( i think)
I could be something as small as a loose wire.
If it's really bothering you, take it in to get looked at.
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It does it when I'm 18 feet away from my amp (length of my cord) and the volume is pretty low. Anyways, I'm switching out the pickups soon. I was just wondering.