Hey guys chea, I?m a n00b to these parts so I?m not 100% sure if i am asking this in the correct place but it would be great if someone could provide me with some help.

Ok so I play mainly punk rockish sorta stuff so I?m not the most technical guitarist there is but I am really having trouble with triple picking (Power) cords. *I'm not certain if it is even called triple picking but yeah, you know that fast picking that bands like wilhelm scream and propagandhi do*

So basically i am wondering if there is somewhere I can get help with this at all maybe even a link to a website? Any help at all would be great.
Never heard the term triple picking. Many things come to mind like tremoloing, but then u say fast picking I think otherwise. Describe what you want to know and what by triple picking you mean. Cause it sounds like it could be a chuggin sound which is a down, up, down motion, or just picking each string individualy, heck I dunno.
Do you mean alternate picking??
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He is probably referring to triplets...
- FJ

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