Im trying to decide weather to get a pedal that i want or just to wait and save up to get a new amp because i have a spider 2 and roland cube 40. i play mostly blues and classic rock. should i get the pedal or just save for a good tube amp. also suggest a decent tube amp thats around $500-1000

ps i dont just wnana hear people telling me how bad spiders suck. just tell me my question and suggestions on a tube amp.
fender hot rod deluxe or devilles are great for that price. you looking for a head and cab or a combo?
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Definitely go for a new amp. A pedal won't do much good for you if your amp isn't any good to begin with.

94 hours's Fender recommendations are very good for your style. You might consider a Traynor combo or Peavey Classic if you want a bit more gain than the Fenders offer.
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keep the spider 2... if its 30 watts and you dont do many gigs then buy the pedal... if your doing big gigs then get a new amp coz ive got a spider 2 and it probly wont have everything you need