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Thought this would be fun.

Metal Pictionary
This is simple.
  • Someone posts a sequence of pictures to mean a song title, without any words that would give away the song in the pictures. Please no more than four pictures at a max.
  • Other people guess at the song, until someone gets it right. Then, they start it over.
  • But don't be a dick. If you get it right, but someone got it right before you, don't go "Oh well I got it right too" and bung up the thread with a new image post.

For Example:


Someone else: Ooh! Ooh! It's Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden!

Me: Righty-ho!

Like that.

so, to start it off easy:

Metallica: Battery?


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phanton of the opera - nightwish?

and also do we have to get the band and song name or just the song name
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phanton of the opera - nightwish?

Please note my ingenuity in that I put a picture of a blanket into my previous post, as an indication that the song is, in fact, a COVER.
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ok then you gotta do another one cuz it works. classic ghosts = sheets
Well, it's not a picture of sheets, is it? It's a picture of COVERS.
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ok then you gotta do another one cuz it works. classic ghosts = sheets

those aren't sheets, its a blanket/comforter(sp?)
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1. Lacking education or knowledge.
2. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge: an ignorant mistake.
3. Unaware or uninformed.

also see: elitist asshat
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I go away for five seconds and you nimrods are discussing bedclothes.

blahh yea i guessed the song it just took me a few seconds to find some pics
Carcass - Heartwork. If I'm right, I'm not going because I'm too lazy to post a pic.
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BTW do not say n-i-g-g-e-r. I know some one who said lets go buy some snickers and some black guy punched him in the face.
^no i get it


edit: i removed the first pic of the kid cuz i realized it was actually a mild form of gay porn... damn you google

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thread over SGRocker0791 just beat you all at life. I truly doubted anyone other than reed or Dyres Eve would have ever gotten that
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****, I shouldn't say what I'm listening to and then post it.

What, I didn't look at that thread.....

Someone can go for me. It's 2:32 am here and I need some sleep.
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Ahahahaha, someone earlier asked why someone would ever sig me.

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That was me, you pathetic, fishy-smelling cunt.