I've been looking to upgrade my distortion pedal. I own a Digitech Grunge distortion pedal that I bought off a friend for about $15. I've done all I could with it (I've had it for about a year) and I haven't been able to find a sound I truly like. My friend told me about the MXR M151 Doubleshot Distortion Pedal and how it has a wide range of distortion on it. I do some research on it to find that it's gotten a lot of bad reviews and few good reviews, but my frien swears up and down it's the pedal for me. I haven't seen him for a while so I never had a chance to try it out myself.
Anyway, (to whoever owns it or has played with it)I just want to know if it's as bad as they say it is or as good as my friend says it is.

PS: I'm also considering the fender blender, so any insight on that will help also.
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hey man i never played with that particular distortion but this is just kinda some random info i throw out at anybody looking for new DS pedals, you may wanna look into the behringer EQs. i know everybody says the behringers are crap but i own one of the 31 band EQS that i run through my two bass amps and when i kick in a dirty sound i can use the EQ to make the distortion sound like anything i want. as long as the DS pedal you have is not completely shot you may wanna look into one of those instead
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O a digitech grunge.......nvm get the new DS pedal then look into a EQ lol
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thats bass though. it really only has 1 kind of distortion...bad.
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Ya i owned it and i sold it lol. not that great of a pedal IMO very muddy. i couldnt get a tone i liked out of it just no matter what i did i couldnt clean it up. I suggest a Maxon SOnic DIstortion its the best distortion pedal i have ever played. Also maybe look into a big muff or a Jekyl and Hyde i have heard good things about both but unfortunatly have tried neither.
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