well whadya think?

with all that he's seen,
you'd think he'd have left long ago,
in all that i've seen,
you'd think i'd have said something so-
like you'd know..
everyone you've seen,
you've found an excuse to let go-
like you'd know..

[what's happened to you,
you've been so hard to move] 4x

i said i would help but
in the peak of this storm,
i have found a new meaning
in you,

[what's happened to us,
its been so hard to prove] 4x

so it's true, what they say,
you can't buy your years back,
but you know how to
throw them away
like you knew..

[its so hard to move on,
and so easy to lose] 4x
Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full Of Lies
Last edited by Dysentery_Gary at Jul 1, 2006,
Its kinda simple but its ok... its metaphors dont seem to reek originality and the sentences in the [] dont make sence to me ... i dont mean to be harsh but its got a little work that needs to be done
its cool. i had doubts about it also. it didnt sound right overall. i took 10 minutes to write it, its my first and i guess i was just anxious to get lyrics in, so i rushed em. thanks
Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full Of Lies