I have a couple of problems surrounding my band. We currently have four members in a band. There's a guitarist (me), a bassist, singer/keys, and a drummer.

The first problem is that the drummer never wants to practice. He is not motivated at all and he sucks completely at drums. I am beginning to think he is in this band only to get attention from people. I've also heard that he runs off and says stuff behind me and the bassist's back.

The second problem is that the bassist is, simply put, a hypocrite. He always goes on rants about how we all should follow a "band before bitches" rule and that none of us can be in other bands. Yet whenever I am over at his house jamming he always calls this chick, and I've left a cuople times out of boredom because he was talking to her. He is also in another band, and he is always doing something with them so I never really get a chance to practice.

The third problem is that I can't be friends with one person without pissing off the other.
Anytime I go to hang out with the drummer, I always get yelled at by the bassist for notinviting him, yet the next day he will make plans with me and tell me specifically not to invite the drummer.

Its a pretty twisted predicament, I can't seem to do anything right. Thats why I seek your help. What should I do?
Make a scheduled practice weekly, or twice a week, or whatever. For 1 hour or 2 hours or whatever. If they miss 2 practices a month. They're out of the band. Those practice sessions MUST be dedicated to the music. If they want to be bitches about it, hey, you can find musicians easily.
Hmm...thats a good plan. I'm going to try that. I'm still open for other suggestions though.
i say screw them all make a new band the drummer sucks n the bassist is an ass
ya kick them out of the band forge on with the singer. i had problems like that when i started the band and those ppl got the boot

now i finally got a group together that is awesome
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The only problem with going on with the singer is that he is also joining this other band...
then u shud go join another band with him and leave this suckers to it. watch them crumble muhahaha
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Leave the band.. seriously. it sounds like you guys are pretty young and most young bands don't stay together that long. Hey, even bands over 18 don't stay together long. According to myspace, my local area has over 200 music acts. Judging by the scene, only about 20 of those bands gig regularly. It's sad.

Start playing with as many different people as possible, then you not only will gain music experience, but then knowing what you like in members. I'm in a band right now that's on hiatus and were once considered the hottest up-and-coming band in the area, however with the members, I would not hire any of them again for future bands. However, I'm also in a cover band in which the guys are more around my age and can function better.
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How old you are you? The people you're talking about sound like 12 year olds crying over attention, fighting over you..

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wow man im sorry.

ok if the singer/keyboarder is a good musician, and a good guy he should be able to join the other band and go on with you.

its no problem to find other musicians. you dont have to deal with that kind of **** and hipocracy (sp?). You deserve better than that.
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