My band is too poor to afford PA crap, so we're thinkin of just pickin up a guitar amp. This would be for rehearsals in our 20x20 basement room and I guess really, really small gigs.
I play 300W bass, Both guitarists are at 100W, and we've got a drummer who bangs hard!
So, any suggestions, I'm aiming for power here; I don't really care about quality much; we just need to be heard singing. How much power do I need?
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personally i would just rather roll a fat J


dont be an ass.

What is your budget? because seriously there are PA packages that are just as much as cheap amps and will sound 83274358 times better...
Quote by Midnight Sun
personally i would just rather roll a fat J

And now he's off to roll his fat J's in the FOTB. Sweet.
Your band practices with two 100 watt guitar amps and a 300 watt bass amp cranked?

Turn it down?
I use our TV as a vocal mic.
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I suppose that would be an option if we could get the drummer to calm down

I'm talking like $250 at the most
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Believe me, its a better idea to get a cheap PA system, of u use an amp and a mic, the feedback will drive u crazy
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