Im looking to buy my first 8 track, but I dont know much about them. The model I am looking at is the Fostex MR-8. Some info can be found here:


This has all the features im looking at, but I want to do some more research before buying. So do you have any other ideas or alternatives to this? I dont want anything too flash, as this is my first one, and im on a budget. But something with all the features that the MR-8 has?

Thanks heaps
As far as digital multi-trackers go, Fostex is the way to go IMO. I think the MR-8 is a pretty sweet multi track but playing a distorted guitar through it...it can get a little muddy. If price isn't really an issue I'd go for the VF80EX although I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money compared to the MR-8 if your on a budget.
I've got the MR-8 HD, which can record on four channels simultaniously, and has a 40GB hard drive.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! For the money its the best workstation in that price.

If I were you I would go with the HD, cause thouse little compact flash cards only hold so much info.
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