so i just got this usa highway one strat for about 330 us dollars. i encountered these problems

1) the tone knobs can be turned forever and dont change any tone.
2) the pickup selector is EXTREMELY tight and hard to switch quickly.
3) the rosewood fingerboard's a little whitish all over and quite dry

can someone please help me ASAP

other than these problems it sounds great even through my sucky amp and it feels heavenly like any other us made strat
that's great for the price

I think only the neck is made in the USA and the rest is mexican parts though
serial number ??

if you keep turning your tone knob the pot will keep turning hence breaking your tone wires, that might be why you are not getting any tones?
3) put some lemon oil on the fretboard and scrub. also you could of have gotten a blemished model
A. Dont have an ear for tone,
B. Got a blemished guitar (Damaged at the factory or sent back)
C. Got it from a pawn shop,
D. Your guitar is just messed up.
its all the knobs, volume and both tones. even if i dont have a good ear im sure that i can hear the difference in volume.
Take it to the shop, where did you get it?
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its probably a blem. jsut take it in to a tech. (i used to have the same problem with the tone knob but got it fixed, the pickup selector can be fixed too with some lubricant, use the lemon oil for the fretboard)
Quote by suckasucks
does anyone know wats wrong with the knobs? thats wat i need to fix URGENTLY

They're probably just loose, by that I mean the nuts are loose and they turn, which in turn probably disconnected the lead to the tone pot. It's an easy fix if you know how to solder.

Pickup selecter, try loosening the screws, if that doesn't work it's probably just the nature of the switch. I've had strats where it turns too efforletlessly and others where it's like a brick. Maybe a little lube?

And the fretboard, rubbing alchol, a little steel wool, and linseed/lemon oil should clean it up.
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