hey guys. i was just wonderin when you all got your first serious guitar, like how long you had been playing for when you decided to stop usin ur old squier and got a standard epiphone lp or sumthin like that.

started with acoustic.... but when I started with electric I got a vintage Fender Mustang

it was my fathers
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Im still playin my ****ty yamaha. Had it since I started playin cause I cant afford a better guitar. I just lowered the action so its good enough for now.
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In my opinion Standard Epiphone LP aren't really proper guitars.

But my first (and only) proper guitar is my Fender Telecaster, which I bought in January after playing for 2 years.
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I'm about to buy an RG1570 after 1 year and 8 months of playing and gigging on a GIO Ibanez GRX40...
Ibanez Prestige RG1570 ftw!
i got ma first properr guitar about 2 years ago, before that i wasnt interested when i got one, but i decided to take it up after a got ma electric one
i started of with a wee acoustic..called ''falcon''..didnt even have a name on the head stock..it was on a stick inside the guitar...but..i wanted the distorted sound..i my parents picked me up an Aria..then i wanted to go heavy..so i got an ibanez K7..then i wanted ''a good guitar''...so i got a schecter 007 blackjack..and have a schecter hellraiser c7 on order

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I got an Ibanez RG1570 after 6 years of playing my trusty squier..i know have an indie isp and considering getting an italia maranello
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After a year of playing an encore strat **ss take and a yamaha acoustic, i purchased my gibson les paul dc.

Remember, if you buy a good(electric) guitar, you will need a good amp!!!
My first guitar was a pretty good Yahama acoustic, i was playing that for about a year and a half before i bought an American Fender Strat.
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As I'm not rich the most 'serious' guitar i've had is a Dean Baby V, that was after 7 and a half monthes of playing, but i have progressed well so i bought that
First guitar was a Yamaha ERG121, A few months after I got a Wesley MEG9212 (Which is coming to the end of it's life, shame, it's an awesome guitar and I got for £89 new from ebay, RRP about £200) and in February I got myself a Fender Jaguar. =)
I got my Washburn X30 (which I love) one year 6 months after my first Squire
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
1st guitar was a nice Washburn acoustic that my dad handed down to me. 6 months later i got a Cort G200 strat copy which does the job. 6 months later i got a pickup put in my acoustic so i could use it at gigs. And a year after that (2 years from when i started playing) i got my epi SG deluxe.

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