nice man very nice. I don't what I loved more, the song or your guitars that im so jealous of.. haha all I have is an sch. omen 6

but the song was great, which guitar did you use for it?
I didn't like your tone. The first hammer-on/legato part (was it hammer on and/or legato?) is cool though. Solid rhythm.
Although It isnt my style i really enjoyed this song..
It is pleasant to the ear and with cool rock riffs which give emfasis to the song , i liked the fade out too , anyway , very good song , although you should remake it and post the extended version of THIS song ..
SUMMARY : cool riffage , short song but very good !
Would you like to take a look at my song ? I would really appreciate It. thanks.

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Nice playing The guitars sound great if a little tinny, try and get more bass into your guitar tones when you record them.

Your drums also sound a bit tinny. The toms are ok, but the cymbals sound a bit naff and the bass drum doesn't have as much effect as it should do. How did you record the drums? How many microphones did you use? Did you have one inside the bass drum?

Nice drum playing though. My little brother plays drums, how long have you been playing?
its a good piece, but everything seems a little thin like Drummondo said. overall nice mixing of the guitars, they complement eachother very well. the end was ver sudden but im no stranger to sudden endings so i cant crit haha.

check out mine if you get the time: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=380262 it also has a sudden ending haha
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Nice drum playing though. My little brother plays drums, how long have you been playing?

Hi thanks for listening,

I'm absulutely rubbish at playing dryms unfortunately, the drums on the recording were made using a demo of Acustica beatcraft, I would have made the song longer but the demo run out and i'd only magaged to make 1 drum beat up.

Also the recording was made using my Ibanez S Series, direct into my old Zoom 505, then line in into PC, and finally recorded using Audiacity.