Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can obtain a decent wah pedal for under £70 that isn't ebay and isn't manufactured by behringer. I want to use it for Gary Moore/ Slash kinda stuff.

Other gear is a Epi Les paul special and a Vox AD30VT

Please help and thanks a lot!

I lost my faith in the summer time.
any Vox one or the Dunlop Classic Crybaby (not the Original)

edit: I see the Vox V847 is £79, save up the £9 for it
the classic crybaby is £105, I'd probably go for the Vox in this case

the Dunlop Original Crybaby is only £59 on GAK but it sounds like ****, it is well made though, just needs to be modded to hell if you want a good sound out of it....

get the Vox, I regret not getting one
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cheers - thanks a lot both of ya, but anyone got anytips on reverb pedasl too
I lost my faith in the summer time.
^ Doesn't your amp have reverb on it? Proper spring reverb not the digital reverb that you'll get from a pedal? Unless that's the kind of sound you're after.
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Save £9 and get a new Vox, or get a used one, an Original Crybaby shouldn't be an option here.
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