Not a very awesome band, but they do sound pretty damn good, don't you think?

I think their best song is Cosmopolitan followed closely by Unsatisfied.
meh theyre ok...... i think just friends is pretty catchy
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Brown Sugar
i bloody love them
although am like a death metal head
i ahve the album and i basically bummed it all the time
pretty cool band, ive only heard just friends and unsatisfied but they sound pretty good
i really like 'em. great sound.
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When I listen to them I like them but there's something about them that just makes me not bother.
I think I sort of understand what you mean there. They have got some good songs but I just cannot listen to them anymore. I don't even know why. 'Ironside' and 'Get Your Guns' are great, and there are maybe 3 others on there that are pretty good too. But I just can't listen to them for long periods of time.
I like them a lot, and they're from Manchester too

I wanted to see them at Manchester Academy in Feb but I was skint.
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I think they're ok... I saw them in hmv oxford street last year... the were crappy live lol... Got my picks signed tho.

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